About us

Vantory Only focus on manufacture HIGH quality shower panels, all models designs comes from customers suggestion and market feedback.


We export directly by ourselves, we have own export right from government.

Export licence number is: 00449144

We use cUPC hoses and valves for USA and Canada market

We have more than 10 dealers in US and Canada.

We serve for NKBA members and be their shower panel supplier here in China.


We sold more than 15 countries in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland...)

We have HM, ISO, CE certificate and ACS certificate for Europe market.

We can use EN1111-1113 standard valves and accessories for Europe market.

We have shower panel design patent in China.

We supply 7 layers package, customize design and OEM production.

All Vantory shower panels guarantee for 3 years.


General water testing pressure:  4-6KG ( Max 16KG, own electrical digital pump )

General stainless material:  real #304 style, 1.0-1.2mm thickness

General aluminum material:   5052 style, aluminum with Magnesium

General water flow rate:  8-10 Liter / minute

General chrome plating:  10-15u nickel, 0.2-0.25u Cr3+, 0.5% lead content for brass

We will have salty spray testing machine for Chrome plating testing

We have quality check system for all procedures of shower panel production.

Our goal: To make outstanding and better quality shower panels !



We always control the quality for the whole production procedures.

We have self quality check system for each production step and we also have quality check person to double check the package and quality before shipment.

We have clear and effective production flow chart.

We have and will prepare more quality check machines for Shower panels and Accessories.

Working Spirit:

We have workers and office stuff regular training every month.

We care more about Unity and Hard working spirit. leaders and workers is a big family. We have own Customer Feedback Form, so that we can always learn from customers, study and Improve from our shortcomings, always design the market popular shower panels.